Well, it looks like I’ve already fallen behind on my goal of posting at least one new article daily… and do you know who I had to blame?  ME!!!


I’m not saying this as a joke, or sarcastically, but am completely serious.  EVERYTHING IS MY FAULT!  This is the mindset I have learned to adopt over my years of experience working in sales, customer service, and operations.   It is a mindset ALL entrepreneurs need to adopt.

There is obviously always a reason, an excuse, or a rational explanation for why anything happens in business (or in life in  general).   The first thing most people do when an issue arises is to find the cause of the problem so we can pass the blame along.   It’s natural, everyone does it, and it will prevent most people from ever succeeding in their new business ventures.

I couldn’t log enough hours because my family was in town visiting…babyfault

I couldn’t get to it because I was too tired…

I didn’t have enough time…

She/He was supposed to do that…

You know what everyone who hears these excuses thinks?   “Bullshit!!!”   No one cares whose fault it was.   If your clients house was painted the wrong color, they don’t care that you told the painters the right color, but they messed up.   It’s your fault!   If your client gets their toilet snake stuck in the toilet and decides its a good idea to just cut it, and flush it… It’s your fault!!!  If your hotel guest decides to invite a “professional” over to their room and ends up getting hog-tied and robbed?  Definitely your fault.

You think I’m kidding, don’t you?   Well, I’m not!   This should be the attitude you adopt in all aspects of your life, whether business or personal.  You know why?   Because it will make you a person that not only tales responsibility, but also person that focus on solutions.   If you can own every issue that comes your way, and quickly come up with a solution to make your client/spouse/relative/friend happy and satisfied, you will become a stronger and more successful person.

Instead of saying “I’m late because of all the idiots on the road creating so much traffic”, you should be thinking, “If I had just left earlier I would not be so late.”  Even better “this traffic is all my fault”.

This simple shift in mindset has been one of the biggest catalysts to my success.   I no longer worry about the problem, I work on creating a solution.   My clients see me take ownership and solve their problems.   My wife see’s me taking charge, fixing problems, and being a good husband and father.

Taking full responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life is the first step in creating the life you always dreamed of.   By dropping the excuses, you are able to focus all of your energy on the end result.   You are the only one that is going to go out and find that new customer.  You are the only one that is going to solve their problem.   You are the only one that has the answer.   Put this level of ownership and confidence in everything you do, and there is no one that can stop you… besides you.

I have a client in the home building industry that is the perfect example of how not taking the attitude of “Everything is my fault”  can hold you back.  When I came in to consult their Executive and Sales team I walked into an absolute clusterf@#k.   No one knew their roles, no one knew what responsibilities were theirs, and it was a complete shit-show every Monday morning “team” meeting.

They had the sales people blaming the marketing people, the marketing people blaming the PR people, the construction people blaming the sales people, the executive team blaming the sales director, the sales people blaming the home buyers, the customer care people blaming the subcontractors, and the computer/IT people blaming everyone.  And you know who suffered from the blame game?   EVERYONE.  The home owners lost confidence in the company they spent half-a-million dollars with, the sales people lost out on referral business, etc, etc, etc.  No one was winning.  The entire company was to busy focusing on who was messing up, but they never focused on the solution!!!

The first thing we had to do was get everyone’s roles figured out… but that is another subject that we can revisit another time.   The second thing we had to instill in everyone was that everything was their fault.   The immediate shift in performance was mind-blowing.   The hardest person to get on board was the President of the company and the Director of Sales, both of which had a slightly holier-than-thou demeanor and I don’t think were ever wrong a day in their lives.  When the team started seeing them take ownership of every issue that came up, and focusing their attention on how each member of the team could work together to solve the problem, the entire office dynamic changed.

The animosity that prevailed when I had first arrived dissipated almost overnight.  The sales team started closing more deals.   The customer satisfaction surveys started coming back with record high scores,   The construction team was not only delivering homes that were near-perfect, but they were delivering them early!  And the entire executive team actually engaged with, laughed with, and worked with their employees to create one of the better work atmospheres I have ever witnessed.

And it was ALL MY FAULT!!!


Until next time…




Good day fellow humans!   Welcome to my new website called Used Dell Desktops. Just wanted to say “Hello” and give a quick intro about the new site!  My name is Dell, and I’m an entrepreneur currently residing in the beautiful wine country of the Central Valley of California, just south of Sacramento.

You can check out a brief biography here.  I’ve started this project to chronicle my journey from transitioning my daily life from the status quo to the extraordinary.   I am not bragging and saying I am an extraordinary person, i am referring to the my life, and how I making the conscious effort to break away from the prison sentences we have all been dealt and conditioned to think is what is best for us.   It took me 15 years of working non-stop to realize that i was not truly living.   Thank God I had my children, or I may have never come to this realization.

Everyday, I would wake up early, spend close to an hour in the car to go to a job that i didn’t enjoy, to make loads of money for someone else.  After 10 hours, I would pack up, spend another hour in the car, just to get home to eat dinner, go to sleep, and do it all again the next day.  Rinse and Repeat.

Once the kids came along and i saw that I was only spending around 30 hours with them a week, I had an epiphany. Seriously, 30 hours out of 168 hours a week?!!!   That’s like less than 18% of my time.  How am I supposed to raise kids that I actually like and think are a valuable addition to the worlds population by only spending 18% of my time with them.   BAM… Light bulbs blowing up, lighting bolts, all that epiphany stuff.   I needed to switch my life up, and I needed to do it quickly.

I am going to use this blog to not only keep you informed about my progress in my entrepreneurial conquest, share my successes, laugh and learn from my failures, and pass along any valuable tidbits I along the way.  I am also doing this to keep myself accountable.   One of the hardest things to do is to keep yourself motivated, hold yourself accountable, and push yourself forward, no matter what obstacles and hurdles come along.  I need to learn from my mistakes, and use my failures as fuel.

I will be posting interviews with other successful entrepreneurs and people that have followed their dreams.   There will not only be business people, but also professional skateboarders, snowboarders, artists, fashion designers, musicians, and actors.   All of these people that have chased their dreams, through thick and thin, and come out at the end bruised, battered and on top!

I am so excited to share this journey with you!   If you ever have feedback, questions, or just want to yell at me, please do not hesitate to reach out to me here!  I welcome all feedback, and will use it all to better myself and my life.  Thank you for being a part of this with me!